Welcome to First Grade!

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to the Maple Class.  I am very excited honored to take this journey with you and your child.  First grade offers such excitement as it bridges from Kindergarten to the grades.

Supplies: If you have yet to pay for the high quality supplies that will be provided for your child this year, please pay for them here: https://secureinstantpayments.com/sip/cart/event.php?EID=2304

Daily Schedule:

One of the exciting elements of entering the grades, are the specialty classes that your child will partake in this year.  Your 1st-grader will have a full day starting with the Main Lesson from 8:30-10:50 in which the main content of learning is brought through circle, story and and main lesson work. Lunch will be following main lesson at 11:00-11:20. The children will then have recess from 11:20-12:00, followed by a speciality classes. The Specialty classes include Spanish, Handwork, Games, Singing, Gardening, and Eurythmy.


In order to maximize the learning potential of every child, it is important to address and establish expectations for behavior.  It is often very helpful to remind children before they come to school, (and throughout the year), what is expected of them, i.e., good listening, following directions, good manners, and participation.  If behavior becomes a concern, we will contact you so that you are made aware, in an effort to work together as a team.  It is in the children’s best interest to have parents and teachers working in partnership.


Please provide a healthy snack and a lunch every day for your child. It is so crucial for your child’s success and growing bodies that they are nourished with substantial healthy food.   We will have an afternoon snack. *Remember, healthy whole foods in reusable packaging is best.  **Sun Butter is an excellent alternative to nut butters and Costco sells it in bulk!


It is essential that your child comes to school with closed shoes, preferably tennis shoes, that they are able to run, jump and move in.   As the weather changes, proper clothing and shoes will be needed.  Inside shoes are left in the classroom and help keep our classroom and school clean.  The inside shoes also need to be comfortable, closed shoes that are able to move in.